One step at a time

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “journey,” and that’s kind of a nice coincidence, as I’ve not only been on a major road trip this year (to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island), I’ve also been working on a zine around the idea of travel.  

Even when you’re at home, every day is a journey of sorts, and going from one part of life to another can be quite an adventure, with all the terror, uncertainty and exhilaration of any great trip.  If only we had maps for that

Here are a few pages from my zine project, “The Art of Finding Your Way.”  Most of the art is from the illustrated journal I’ve been keeping for several years.

Finding Your Way 2

Finding Your Way 3

Finding Your Way1

All pages are watercolor and colored pencil on Canson Montval paper.  The top page quote is from The Indigo Girls’ lovely “The Wood Song.” 


Taking over

After a deluge of rain, this guy and his cohorts threatened to take over the garden.


Watercolor and Verithin and Derwent colored pencils in a Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook, for the  Illustration Friday theme, “King.”  (Well, for a while this one did seem to be the supreme ruler of the hostas and the hellebore!)