With pen in hand

The Illustration Friday theme is “ink,” and as I’m swamped with work (not to mention learning my way around a new computer), I’m pulling out this oldie:

Pen Ink Dots j

It may not be worth a thousand words, but I think it’ll do for this one!


On your mark, get set…

Gumball Card 2015

I just mailed off a dozen of these cards to someone who’s involved with the Disney Gumball Rally.  I’d never heard of the rally before; it’s a race to see who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day.  That might be more exhausting than running a marathon!

The original of this piece is colored pencil on bristol board.  (The letters are just the white of the paper — I outlined the words and then colored around them.)  I scanned and reduced the original, and then printed, folded, and trimmed to make 5.5″ x 5.5″ cards.



Finding the road

I love maps, and my art journals are full of variations on the theme of finding (and losing) your way.  As The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Path,” I had a hard time picking just one image to submit!  I’ve always liked this one, though — perhaps because it was a bit of a stylistic departure (a new path!) for me.


Choosing your path is always difficult, but it’s also exciting, full of magic and possibility. And that’s true, I think, even if you’re not setting off to distant shores, but only sitting at home with a paintbrush and a blank page.

Ink and watercolor, Canson Montval watercolor journal.

Out and about

If you’re in North Carolina these days, you can see my work in a couple of spots.  I’ve got a range of greeting cards at the wonderful indie Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh — a warm and welcoming place with a long local tradition.  And I just placed some cards and an array of beaded housewares at a cool new place, the Every Good Thing Artisan Gallery, on Castle Street in Wilmington, NC.  I’m still working out how to photograph metal and glass without getting too much glare or distortion, but this will at least give you a bit of an idea:

Marden Servers J

I get all kinds of things to bead — salad servers, wine stoppers, you name it — from a great supplier,  Karen Thomas.  Through Karen Thomas, I heard about the nonprofit Beads of Courage, which works with seriously ill children.  BoC is currently soliciting donations of handmade beads, so I sent a bunch, including these:

3 striped beads-72

I hope they can use them!



Over and over

The Illustration Friday theme is “repeat,” an apt one since I’ve been thinking about — and playing with — patterns.   (Helpful books: “Digital Textile Design” by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac, and Kimberly Kight’s “A Field Guide to Fabric Design.”)

A-Floral-Graphic-2Cups 2

I’m not sure what, if anything, I can adapt these for (wrapping paper, maybe?), but it’s been fun working with a repeat, and trying to find patterns that are balanced, but still interesting.