Turning a New Page

I’m excited to be involved with ImageZoo, a stock illustration company.  My new artist page at ImageZoo is here. I’ve got a range of work available, from a realistic nature study to…well, here’s a section of one of my ImageZoo illustrations.

It’s great to be trying something new!  Next up, I hope to start playing with surface repeat designs for fabric and wrapping paper.


Illustration Friday – Faded

I started out with the idea of faded jeans, and then morphed into the idea of a faded photograph — a misty bit of the past.  The original drawing (brown Pigma Micron and watercolor) included a dog, but I “tore” him out of the photo via Photoshop.

Small Stuff

I haven’t posted any glass work, partly because I’ve been busy with other things, and partly because I *still* have a trouble getting good images to post.  I’ve been experimenting with dots and colors, which can lead to an array of results when you’re flameworking.  Here’s some of my recent work:

The bead on the left (an attempt at an implosion bead) is still on the mandrel.  (If you’re unfamiliar with flameworking, it involves winding molten glass rods around a coated metal mandrel.  The cooled glass, when removed from the mandrel and cleaned, has a nice hole in the middle, and so can be used for beading.)  The others were just strung on the mandrel for picture-taking purposes.

The bead to the left of the fish is Double Helix glass, which is the coolest stuff ever.  I never know what’s going to come out of the flame, but the results are almost always beautiful!


Illustration Friday – Sight

What a sight!

I did this for a SCBWI regional illustration contest.  The prompt was: “Caleb turned the corner only to find…” You were supposed to finish the sentence in ten words or less, so my completed prompt was, “Caleb turned the corner only to find he wasn’t alone in the house, after all.”  I had a  lot of fun with the illustration, which used a limited (three color) palette — and got a second place award, to boot!

Illustration Friday – Kernel

I actually did two illustrations this time, as the first one (the one with the Indian corn below) just didn’t work.  My first plan was to do a botanical study of Indian corn, but as I didn’t have enough time for that I went with a cartoony illustration.  Then I gave up on the Indian corn idea, and ended up with the happy guy below.  Someday I’ll get to that botanical study…

These are both watercolor and Verithin colored pencil on Montval paper; the top picture is outlined with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen.