Whirling around again

The Illustration Friday theme is “whimsical,” so here for an encore is Gertie, who’s still trying to perfect her pirouettes.  This is one of my favorite pieces.


The original’s in a 7″ x10″ Canson Montval watercolor field book; it’s watercolor and colored pencil.  (Sorry about the crummy scan.  I’m having computer issues this morning.)


The smell of fall is in the air, and I guess that’s why I thought of this for the Illustration Friday theme, “bouquet.”

Leaves 2015j

(One definition of bouquet is “characteristic scent,” and what’s more autumn-y than the smell of burning leaves?)

Fall’s my favorite time of year, and I try to do an illustration of autumn leaves every October/November.  I just finished this one, which is watercolor (three colors: a red, a yellow, and a blue) and Berol Prismacolor Verthin colored pencil (two browns and olive green) in a 7×10 Canson Montval Field Watercolor Book.

Happy Autumn!



Learning to focus


The Illustration Friday theme is “pointy,” and this is where my mind went.  Life has so many distractions these days!

The illustration — which was actually an exercise in focus; in seeing the details of everyday objects — is watercolor and colored pencil on mystery paper.  The type and border are courtesy of Photoshop.  (The original illustration has hand lettering that says, “What’s the point?” but I did that more to play with letter forms than to express any particular world view.)