Finding the road

I love maps, and my art journals are full of variations on the theme of finding (and losing) your way.  As The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Path,” I had a hard time picking just one image to submit!  I’ve always liked this one, though — perhaps because it was a bit of a stylistic departure (a new path!) for me.


Choosing your path is always difficult, but it’s also exciting, full of magic and possibility. And that’s true, I think, even if you’re not setting off to distant shores, but only sitting at home with a paintbrush and a blank page.

Ink and watercolor, Canson Montval watercolor journal.

What do you hear?

The Illustration Friday theme is “noise,” and of course one person’s blaring annoyance is another person’s soul music.  It’s all in the listening, I guess…

Advice 2015

Ink, watercolor, and colored pencil in a Canson Montval watercolor journal, with some additional adjustments in Photoshop.

On the edge

There’s change in the air.

When you’re on the edge of something new, it can make you a little edgy…


Luckily, art supplies are there to help you through the rough times!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “jagged,” which made me think of this journal doodle from a few years back.  Water color, ink (a brown Pilot, I think), and colored pencil on Canson Montval paper.


Monsters and tea cups and robots, oh my!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “nefarious,” and I’ve pulled out an oldie that reflects a more Snidely Whiplash/fairy tale definition of the word:

Nef 3

This was actually a lettering exercise that ran away with me, so it’s possible Mr. Monster is looking to join a tea party, and not hatching an evil plan to disrupt one!

Speaking of disruptions, what with one thing and another I missed posting for last week’s IF theme, “invention,” but as I did a sketch I’ll tack it on here.


Yes, I’m afraid I was thinking “Necessity is the mother of invention.”