Learning to focus


The Illustration Friday theme is “pointy,” and this is where my mind went.  Life has so many distractions these days!

The illustration — which was actually an exercise in focus; in seeing the details of everyday objects — is watercolor and colored pencil on mystery paper.  The type and border are courtesy of Photoshop.  (The original illustration has hand lettering that says, “What’s the point?” but I did that more to play with letter forms than to express any particular world view.)

What are you looking for?


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “treasure,” so I unearthed this piece — one of my first beach pictures.  It’s colored pencil (mostly Prismacolor VeriThin, I think) on bristol. The white lettering is actually the just the white paper, with the forms created by the surrounding colored pencil.

Here’s to finding what you’re looking for!



It’s all relative

Big tree

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “small.”  Sitting on the porch, watching a crew of guys take down an enormous tree in the yard across the street, that’s how I felt…

It was a pretty amazing show, and took most of the day.  When the trucks finally left, only a few small leaves were left on the sidewalk to show what had happened.

Strathmore toned paper sketchbook and Vision Exact pen.