All together now

I’ve always loved how words fit together on a page and quietly, magically, bring worlds, portraits, ideas, and memories to life.  It was probably inevitable that I’d fall in love with lettering; with fitting each “W,” “O,” “R,” and “D” together in an effort to make a picture worth a thousand words.

Here are a couple of recent lettering experiments in watercolor and colored pencil in — once again — my Stillman and Birn Beta series sketchbook.  I’ve also been playing with Crowquill lettering in an Epsilon Series sketchbook,  which has lighter paper.  Hopefully I’ll have something to post from that, too, one of these days.

RumiSame Sky

ETA: You can’t quite see it, so I’ll add here that the bottom quote is from Konrad Adenauer.   And the Illustration Friday theme this week is “Together.”



One of my favorite poems is by Gillette Burgess.  It begins:

The Goops, they lick their fingers,                                                                                        And the Goops, they lick their knives;                                                                                They spill the broth on the tablecloth,                                                                                    Oh, they lead disgusting lives!

(This is particularly effective if you recite it aloud to a small child, putting a great deal of emphasis on, and horror into, the word, “disgusting.”)

So how does this relate to the Illustration Friday theme, “hidden”?  Well, I figure it’s possible that Goops, despite their appearance and behavior, have some hidden good qualities.  Perhaps they take good care of their books, or remember birthdays.  At the very least, they’re certainly very enthusiastic eaters…


This is 6 x 8, watercolor and Verithin colored pencil in an ever-wonderful Stillman and Birn Beta Series sketchbook.