Illustration Friday – Forward

Another Illustration Friday entry, this one for the theme, “Forward.”  This is watercolor and colored pencil; the original’s about 7″ x 10″.


The Real World

I’m learning more about illustrating subjects from nature, particularly fall leaves and sea shells.  I just got Natural History Painting with the Eden Project by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan — very exciting!


Along with illustrations, I also do hand-lettering using watercolor and colored pencil.  I’ve filled up quite a few Montval Field Watercolor Books with illustrated quotes. Though I find myself doing this sort of free-flowing calligraphy a lot, I also try to work in traditional (or traditional-looking) styles.



I love illustrating greetings cards and calendars.  As with my children’s illustrations, I usually do these in watercolor and colored pencil on Montval paper, scan them at 300 dpi or more, and then play around in Photoshop until I’ve got the look/size/placement I want.

Children’s Illustration

I particularly love illustrating stories for children.  Most of my work is watercolor with colored pencil, though I use ink (currently Faber-Castell’s Pitt pens, and some new Pentel Stylo and Hybrid Technica), too.  I usually complete each piece on Canson Montval paper, scan it into the computer, and do fixes in Photoshop.


Besides my watercolor and colored pencil illustrations, I also create glass beads through a process called flameworking.  I add my beads to functional objects like pens, wine stoppers, and pie servers.  Flameworking shares a lot with illustration, for me.  With both, I focus on design, experiment with color, and appreciate the happy accidents — and try to fix the not-so-happy ones!