With pen in hand

The Illustration Friday theme is “ink,” and as I’m swamped with work (not to mention learning my way around a new computer), I’m pulling out this oldie:

Pen Ink Dots j

It may not be worth a thousand words, but I think it’ll do for this one!


The nature of things

The Illustration Friday theme is “nature.”  I’ve been playing with nature studies in a variety of media (and papers):

Nature 2015

I have to admit, though, my first thought was *human* nature, and…


Probably not what the IF people had in mind.  Or Emerson, for that matter.

It’s all relative

Big tree

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “small.”  Sitting on the porch, watching a crew of guys take down an enormous tree in the yard across the street, that’s how I felt…

It was a pretty amazing show, and took most of the day.  When the trucks finally left, only a few small leaves were left on the sidewalk to show what had happened.

Strathmore toned paper sketchbook and Vision Exact pen.

Who’s there?

The Illustration Friday theme is “mask.”

Mask 2

I like to think Melinda’s pretty fearless even without the mask.  And that she’ll know what to do if (when) she’s suddenly holding an armful of elephant!

Watercolor and ink (Slicci .25 pen) on Canson Montval paper, with a little touch-up work in Photoshop.