A quality act

The Illustration Friday theme is “vintage,” which for some reason made me think of old-time vaudeville.  That, in turn, reminded me of Alan Price’s 1960-something hit, “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear.”  (If you’ve never heard it, you can watch the Muppets’ version here.  I’ll warn you, though, the song will be in your head for *days*.)

Anyway, that kind of led to this:

Dancing Bear jpg

And yes, this is a loose definition of “vintage,” but I like to think I haven’t hit my peak yet!

Watercolor, colored pencil and ink on Canson Montval paper.



There’s a story there…

Getting in under the wire for Illustration Friday, with a quick sketchbook doodle for the theme, “yarn.”

Giraffe and Sheep jpg

I might do a finished watercolor version at some point, but right now it’s too hot to even think about knitting, or scarves, or snowmen (or snow cows, as the case may be.)