With coffee and a pen…

The Illustration Friday theme is “people,”  and I’ve been trying to sketch a few whenever I go to one of the local coffee places.  (Hopefully I’m not *too* obvious about it!) These are all Vision Exact black micro point in a Strathmore toned (gray) art journal.


5 thoughts on “With coffee and a pen…

    • Thanks, Laura!
      To be honest, lots of my coffee shop sketches are *very* quick and scribbly. People who are eating and drinking tend to move a lot, so most of the time I just try to do gesture sketches. I always stop drawing if my subject notices what I’m doing, because I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. I find, though, that if I sit at one end of a coffee place, facing the center, I can draw someone at the other end without drawing too much attention to myself. (Most of the time, anyway!) I usually only try to do a detailed sketch if I see someone sitting alone, intent on a computer. When people are really engrossed in something on the computer, they tend to sit in one position for a longer period of time — and not to notice me drawing!
      When I don’t feel comfortable drawing identifiable people in a coffee place, I draw people from the back, just trying to capture how they’re sitting. I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed me doing that, and I’ve ended up with some interesting studies. Maybe that would work for you?

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