The nature of things

The Illustration Friday theme is “nature.”  I’ve been playing with nature studies in a variety of media (and papers):

Nature 2015

I have to admit, though, my first thought was *human* nature, and…


Probably not what the IF people had in mind.  Or Emerson, for that matter.

2 thoughts on “The nature of things

  1. Thanks so much, Laura!
    I did most of these in watercolor sketchbooks, and I didn’t always take notes when I should have, unfortunately. (Part of my learning process was learning to take notes!) For what it’s worth, I think the iris is watercolor (probably Lukas or W&N), Verithin colored pencil, and ink on Canson Montval paper; the mixed flowers are black ink brush pen and swiped watercolor; and the tulips are stippled Pigma Micron with watercolor. The zinnias are, I think, my favorite watercolor triad: Quinacridone Rose (DaVinci or Daniel Smith or W&N), Sennelier Cinnerous Blue (gorgeous color!), and Winsor & Newton New Gamboge. That one’s on Strathmore paper, maybe — the sketchbook label fell off long ago! The seed pod is Derwent Watercolor pencil and blender in a Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook.
    Sorry I can’t be more helfpul! I can say, though, that I got a lot of good ideas from Julie Collins’ “Painting Flowers with Impact in Watercolor.”

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