A window onto the city

Thanks to my friend Karen, I finally found the local Urban Sketchers group.  I was excited (and a bit nervous) to join them for the first time earlier this month, when they headed out to draw in the old warehouse district.  As I’m not generally a landscape artist, I spent quite a bit of time drawing one of the other sketchers, but toward the end I finally got in the spirit of things and inked the (very unusual) view of the skyline.


(The Illustration Friday theme this week, by the way, is “window.”)

Thanks to the Urban Sketchers, I heard about an Urn Show this past weekend at historic Oakwood Cemetery.  Despite a heavy rain, I went to sketch a bit, and found myself in a mausoleum packed with people (more alive than not, for the show) and an array of gorgeous urns of every type.  There were ceramic urns, polished wood urns, a leather urn, and some that appeared to be made of cloth.  It was a bit difficult to sketch, partly because it was so crowded, partly because people were constantly moving, and partly because I was a little freaked about the location, but I managed to do a couple of quick pictures.


The guy on the right, Bill Wallace, is a fabulous artisan who works with wood.  He had a lathe at the show, and was demonstrating some of his wood working techniques to the admiring crowd.

These pictures are all ink (Vision Exact) on Strathmore gray toned paper.  I drew on site, and added Faber-Castell colored pencil later.

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