Lazy, hazy days

The Illustration Friday theme this week is summer, so I dug up a watercolor journal page (Canson Montval)  from a hot July a few years back:

Summer 1

And then I realized the last of the gardenias were blooming in the garden, and that I’d never tried using watercolors overlaid with colored pencil in my nice new Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbook:

Summer 2

And *then* I took a walk around the neighborhood and spent part of the afternoon  — how could I not? — drawing this summer sight (Slicci pen and Faber Castell colored pencils in a Canson Field Drawing book):

Crow 2

Isn’t that a *wonderful* scarecrow?  The owner told me she made it from dollar store odds and ends — and that she named it, of course, Sheryl Crow!


Who’s there?

The Illustration Friday theme is “mask.”

Mask 2

I like to think Melinda’s pretty fearless even without the mask.  And that she’ll know what to do if (when) she’s suddenly holding an armful of elephant!

Watercolor and ink (Slicci .25 pen) on Canson Montval paper, with a little touch-up work in Photoshop.