Speak up

For the Illustration Friday theme, “Voice,” a quickie from my journal with a Slicci pen and colored pencils:


This is, of course, sometimes easier said than done.  In an effort to be a bit more out loud myself, I’ve been involved in a couple of shows at the Visual Art Exchange gallery in Raleigh, NC.  (Time out here for a bit of gallery-related humor…)

Picture Asks

During March and April, I’m going to have a few things in the VAE retail gallery — a new experience for me.  I designed and printed some zines for the occasion, and I’m curious to see how they fare.  I did two sixteen-page collections of art and writing, one about life (small topic!) and one a set of illustrated quotes, and two twelve-page collections, one of nature drawings and one about travel.  Each printed zine is 5.5″ x 8.5″, so each illustration is about 8″ x 5″.  Here’s  the cover and a quick overview of one zine:

ThoughtsThoughts Sample 

I tried to include the illustrations people seem to like best, like “Rainy Sunday,” and printed all four zines on 32# 100% cotton paper, so they’d look sharp and feel substantial. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback and be able to tweak them in the next few weeks. Then…hmm, maybe it’s time for an Etsy shop?

If any of you have had experience with this sort of thing, I’d love to hear about it!