All creatures great and small

Happy Halloween!

In the midst of all my deadline work (and candy buying), I tried to dash off something for this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “Creatures.”

Creature 1

If you can’t read the names, the left-most one is, of course, the Shadow of a Doubt.  The worm-with-legs is Creeping Suspicion.  Under him, left to right, are Cold Ball of Dread, Amorphous Concern, and, floating with the balloon, Baseless Concern.  The very tall monster is Towering Anxiety.  To his right is Irrational Worry, and heading off the page is Fleeting Fear.

I’m not crazy about this illustration  — it was a lot better in my head! — but I realized a few years ago that you have to…well…

Creature 2

With that in mind, I’m going to go out with a sketchbook and some pens and watercolors (and maybe a mini-Snickers), and see what happens.




Fish gotta swim

We’ve all got to do our own thing — in my case, I’ve got to rush off and tackle a new project.  But first this, for the Illustration Friday theme, “underwater.”


Hope your week goes swimmingly!