Could you repeat that?

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “whisper.”  I dug up two old illustrations that fit the theme, and then decided to try another version.  Of course, *that* illustration didn’t work, so I tried it again…and again.  I’m still not crazy about it.  (It’s the one on the top right.)  I’ll call this a work-in-progress — eventually, I’ll get it right!

Whisper 2Whisper 5Secrets Possible 2



Some wooly tales

I’m unearthing some older illustrations for this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “wool.”  First, there’s the little lamb who caused so much trouble for poor Mary…Mary Best

and then a practical knitter, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Knitting SheepWolf Sheep


Stormy weather

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “storm”.  They’re expecting a monster snow storm up north, but here we’re looking at rain — not as fun to play in, but fun to illustrate!

I did a picture book project a while back about two friends, Ming and Bongo, who fall down a muddy hill, and then, happily, get caught in a rain storm.  These are from that project.

Ming Storm

Ming Storm 2

I’ve been working on the same theme in repeats, too:

Raining paper 1Raining paper 2

I hope that if it’s snowing where you are, or raining cats and dogs, you’re warm and dry!

Big wheel keeps on turning…

Unless it gets stuck in the mud, that is!


Illustration Friday’s theme is “wheels.”  I tried a couple of different takes on the theme, including one below.  For the wheelbarrow illustration I used a different palette and brush than usual; the rabbit who got tired of hopping (below) is my favorite watercolor palette but different pencils. The experiments continue!  And the big wheel, it keeps on turning…

Bunny Wheels