On the edge of things…

Last week’s Illustration Friday theme was “edge,” and this week’s is “ocean,” which got conflated in my head to “ocean’s edge.”  As I’m trying out new processes and media now, I decided to sketch ideas for these themes, focusing on telling a story, and then turn one  into a finished piece on my new Canson 150# Illustration paper.  It’s hard to keep the freshness of a sketch in a finished piece — and doubly so when you’re working with unfamiliar paper and media!  I’m going to keep playing around, though, in hopes that I’m on the edge of an artistic breakthrough.

Ocean Edge Sketch 1Ocean Edge Sketch 2

Ocean Edge 4Ocean Edge 5

These are my sketches for “ocean” and two attempts at a color version of one. (The left is watercolor and colored pencil; the right is ink, watercolor, and colored pencil.)

Edge SketchEdge Color

These are for “edge.” (Better late than never!) The color version is Prismacolor marker — which I think works better than watercolor with this particular paper — and colored pencil.


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