Happy New Year!

My daughter gifted me with participation in the Sketchbook Project last year  — coolest gift ever! —  and I’m finishing up my sketchbook.  Though I’ve been keeping art journals for years, the Sketchbook Project was challenging for me, in part because I was trying to do a “real” sketchbook (as opposed to illustrating a story, or drawing from my imagination), and in part because the paper in the Project journal is too thin for my usual watercolor washes.  I wasn’t always happy with the pages I did, and I’m still a little concerned about my warts-and-all sketches going out into the world, but it was good to try something new; to move in a new direction.  And since “new” is the Illustration Friday theme this week, here are a few pages from my sketchbook.

Page 8-9 Page 20-21Page 22-23 Page 24-25



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. So interesting & different from a lot of your work that I’ve seen! Thank you for sharing! I like that you still managed to get some of your vibrant color in there, despite the limitations with the paper – love the curling ribbon! I just learned about the Sketchbook Project in late 2012, and am hoping to participate during the next go-round.

    • Thanks, Mit! The “official” sketchbook really does push you to work in a different way. I love the idea that there’s a whole library of these journals –not to mention a traveling show!
      If you do decide to participate in 2013, I’d love to see what you do with your journal.

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s a good project for stretching your artistic wings (or pushing you off a ledge!) If you’re interested, there’s a ton of info on website, as well as artwork from previous years.

  2. Wow, these pages are terrific! Congratulations on the sketchbook project! I tried to do it but it just wasn’t my thing. Beautiful color and detail in your pages. Well done!

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