Illustration Friday – Tall

I came up with a few responses to this week’s Illustration Friday prompt!  The first one’s an illustration of Janie feeding her pet, Spot. 

But then I thought about wanting to be tall…

…and *then* about telling a tall tale: 

And now I’d better cut this short, or I won’t get anything else done today.


(Sub)Urban Sketching

I’ve been enjoying Gabriel Campanario’s wonderful “The Art of Urban Sketching,” so when a tree landed on our roof  during a recent thunderstorm, I thought I’d sketch the aftermath.

I did this standing up, while holding the sketchbook, so the lines are a bit wonky!  I added watercolor and colored pencil back inside the house, away from the hordes of mosquitoes that turned out to watch.  Then, a few days later, I tried a quick on-site sketch in a different sketchbook (with just ink and colored pencil) to capture the roofers doing their thing.


Illustration Friday – Bounce

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, as a storm took out my computer.  I’m bouncing back for Illustration Friday, though, with a new computer, a new operating system, and a new scanner.  I’m still learning the ropes of all this new tech,  so I went with a less-finished illustration.  Hopefully my learning curve will be short — and lightning won’t strike twice in the same place!

Watercolor and Verithin colored pencil on 7 x 10 Montval watercolor paper.