Illustration Friday – Space

“Space” to me is what I’m out of, but I decided to boldly go in a different direction for this prompt.  I tried a different paper (a Strathmore Multimedia Visual Journal) and a different palette (going for a softer, quieter mood), though I went with a limited color scheme (three colors only) once again.

The original’s around 4″ x 5.5″, in watercolor, ink, colored pencil, and a little gouache.  I intensified the background a bit in Photoshop.  I think I’d like to use this as a jumping-off point for a more finished (and better designed) piece, but it was fun to try some new things — and to get back to Illustration Friday.


Illustration Friday — Shiny

This is a piece I was working on this week, a tribute of sorts to Maurice Sendak.  The prompt gave me a new (and better!) direction for the text, so thanks, Illustration Friday!

The original’s watercolor, ink, and Verithin colored pencil in a Canson Montval Field Watercolor Book.

Illustration Friday — Hurry!

As I’m feeling pretty rushed (how appropriate!) today, it’s lucky I have something on hand that fits the Illustration Friday theme:

I did this for an SCBWI regional contest.  (The prompt asked us to illustrate the opening to “Alice in Wonderland” — a difficult task, given how iconic the original illustrations are!)  This is watercolor and colored pencil on illustration board, with additional effects added in Photoshop.

I have another take on the same subject, which I’ll add here just for contrast:

This was one of a series of greeting cards I did a while back with brush markers, a much looser — and, in keeping with the theme, quicker! — medium than the ones I generally use.