Illustration Friday – Kernel

I actually did two illustrations this time, as the first one (the one with the Indian corn below) just didn’t work.  My first plan was to do a botanical study of Indian corn, but as I didn’t have enough time for that I went with a cartoony illustration.  Then I gave up on the Indian corn idea, and ended up with the happy guy below.  Someday I’ll get to that botanical study…

These are both watercolor and Verithin colored pencil on Montval paper; the top picture is outlined with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Kernel

  1. Both are great but I really love the blue one! What great color! Cute little mouse and the leaves are great, too. The top one is very cute – quite a tasty looking ear of corn!

    • Thanks, Cindy!
      I like the blues, too, but I think the balance of the picture is off, both design-wise and color-wise. Of course, I didn’t really notice that until the picture was almost done! Ah, well, draw and learn…

  2. These are both great! Love the line work and light colors on the top one (what a fun smile!!) & the vividness of the bottom one! Especially like how you’ve rendered each kernel! So colorful!!

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